Manual Method to import Lotus Notes data to Office 365?

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Office 365 is the most popular email client, which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. The Office 365 provides much more functionality for the users therefore many organizations are switching emails to office 365. Big companies are always ready to switch their email systems to Exchange Online for the benefit of low cost and high efficiency. To access Lotus Notes data to Exchange Online mailbox the users need to import Lotus Notes data to Office 365.

Lotus Notes is too much difficult compare to Office 365 to use. So it is not appropriate for new and non-technical users. It is expensive, and the maintenance cost is high. So that reason many Lotus Notes users are migrating to Office 365. Also, Outlook 365 provides more benefits and services than IBM Notes.

Reason behind IBM Notes to Office 365 migration- There is some reason behind migration Lotus Notes to Office 365 –

  • The cost of Lotus Notes is high to compare to the Office 365 cloud platform.
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online provide exquisite functional traits for the users.
  • Working in Office 365 is easier than Lotus Notes.
  • To work with Lotus Notes required technical skills.
  • The IBM Notes is tough for the learner and requires properly learning.

Manual Method to Export NSF data into Office 365- By using manual method there are two steps to IBM Notes to Exchange Online migration-

Step 1- Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook

Step 2- Export Outlook PST to Office 365

Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook-

  • Firstly, Open Lotus Notes then click on File menu>>Export option.
  • In the open new dialog box give a name to the file and select on Comma Separated Value (CSV) format from saving as type option.
  • Then Open MS Outlook and click on File Menu>>Open>>Export>>Import/Export.
  • Now Choose, Import from another Program and Select CSV option>>Next.
  • Give a file saving location to the NSF file from your local PC.
  • Give the destination folder in Outlook where you want to save his NSF data then click next
  • Click finish option now the all selected Lotus Notes file will be converted into Outlook PST format.

Export PST data into Office 365-

  • Firstly, give Sharing Permissions to the PST folder.
  • Open Office 365 account then click on Admin Center >> Exchange.
  • In the Exchange Admin Center click on Permissions >> Organization management >> Mailbox Import Export.
  • Now in Office 365 Admin Center >> Setup >> Data Migration >> Upload PST file.
  • Then Choose New Import Job >> Provide a name to the job >> Next >> select Upload your data >> Next.
  • In open new dialog box select on Show Network Upload SAS URL and copy the URL >> Download and install Azure AzCopy >> Open Azure Window.
  • Now Type the command on Azure tool: AzCopy.exe /Source:\\network path /Dest: ”SAS URL” /V: give the location where you want to save log file \AzCopy.log /Y >> Enter key.
  • Close Azure and now create a CSV file >> Open Import data window and check both options.
  • Then select mapping file >> Upload CSV file >> Validate >> Save.

After all process complete, the PST file has been exported in Office 365.

The drawback of the Manual Method-

  • Manual Method is a time taking process.
  • By using, the Manual Method must need to good technical skill on Lotus Notes and Office 365.
  • It migrates only 1 GB of data.
  • A large number of calendars data take more time to make entries.
  • It will need a good internet connection.

If you are not able to import Lotus Notes data to Office 365 by using the manual method then I suggest you try “NSF to Office 365 Migration Tool”. The manual method is a lengthy process so without strong technical skill not possible to easily convert Lotus Notes to Office 365. The software easily migrates all data in some click. It maintains all data integrity and metadata properties after the conversion and provides 100% safe migration result without any hurdle.

Conclusion- I want to let you know through this article how to import Lotus Notes data to Office 365 using manual method. Following every step of the blog, the user can easily export all IBM data to Exchange Online. If the user is not able to manually convert the data, I suggest using NSF to Office 365 migration tool. It is a perfect solution for conversion from NSF to Office 365.